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Use of any electrical equipment such as underwater lights, deck lights, the pool pump or any other accessory can pose a safety threat to people

in the water if the wiring is incorrect or faulty.


Use the following safety precautions to avoid electrocution or electrical shock:


  • Always use a trained technician for installation, service or repair of any

  • electrical wiring or equipment. Have your technician verify these points:

  • Use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) for the power supply circuit for each piece of electrical equipment, including utility pumps to drainthe pool water.

  • The GFCI will disconnect the power supply if any electricity leaks are detected.

  • Make sure your installation meets all local and national codes.

  • Make sure all electrical equipment is grounded and all metal objects (ladders, diving platforms, etc.) are electrically bonded together.

  • Never use extension cords around a pool or spa. 

  • Never enter the water when a utility pump is running.

  • Never put an aluminum vacuum handle into the pool.

  • Never swim in your pool or spa during an electrical storm. 

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